Kit Latham About Me WordPress Development

We specialize in ‘Long Tail’ search keywords in the natural search space. (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc) Our expertise is in  SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) expert—and for the past fourteen years, we have been immersed in a number of social networks (Instagram, Flickr, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, EvE Online, Pownce, Behance, YouTube).

We can help you get control of many of the tools out there to help you get the word out. We are adept at search engine marketing, search engine optimization, building out your web presence through some of the powerful Open Source CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress and Drupal, social networks (FaceBook, Flickr, MySpace, Twitter), RSS (Real Simple Syndication), established PR syndication platforms (PR Web, PR Wire) as well as existing brick and mortar distribution systems.

Our prices reasonable and scalable to suit your needs.

We strive for a transparency that makes sure that the money spent on our services goes to web properties that are owned and controlled by you, the client. In our working process we build tools that are easily accessible and designed to be handed over to the client (you) when the initial launch and development period is over. We’ll give you tutorials along the way so that after hand-off, you’ll be ready to delve deeper into the online world.

Our primary development platform is the Open Source CMS product WordPress, which we use to implement strategies to help our clients get found in the NSO (natural search space). We have been a WordPress developer for the past 4 years. We build out ‘web presence’ strategies that help our clients ‘get the word out’ across the web, using WordPress as the foundational element, building out across relevant social networks through the creation of accounts and penetration of existing user created groups within those social networks.