Epic of King Gesar

Epic of King Gesar

This is a site I built during the research component of my work with Margaret Roach for her Open Your Hands website.  I was doing keyword research, looking for heroes from ancient Tibet and Nepal.  I stumbled across some translated texts by Sarangerel Odigon translating the Epic of King Gesar, one of the longest poems in the written history of man, found gathering dust in the Internet archives of The Way Back Web.

I republished the text and information about Sarangerel Odigon on a WordPress site, and went looking for a way to contact her. Unfortunately, she had passed away in the preceding year (2006).  I left the site up as both a memorial and a way to preserve her amazing work.

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  1. Pat Hartman February 17, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    Dear Kit Latham,

    Did you write the page called “An Overview of the Model of Mongolian Shamanism”? I would like to give proper credit in something I write.

    Best of all possible regards,
    Pat Hartman