MM Design

Merry Mullings is a textile representative of very high end textiles, she is based in Paris France, and has impeccable taste.  Her site is very simple at the moment, more like a holding place on the web with original content.   However, when I first created the site, she was nowhere to be found on the web, and MM Design was a strangely niche based competitive keyword.  There are a lot of design companies out there using MM Design.  But Over time, she is now at the top of Google for the keyword “MM Design”.

This site is actually a combination of 2 different WordPress Installations, due to the face that she decided later on ‘MM Design’, and I had already put up a site ‘mmdesignsource’ to start the process.

Merry Mullings of MM Design represents Sam Kasten Handweaver, another client of mine.

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