Receptive Tour Consultants

Receptive Tour Consultants ~ Jerry runs a wonderful ‘receptive yours’ service based out of New York City. His site currently ranks at the top of his desired keyword, ‘receptive tours NYC’ and well as many other we have targeted.

Fred Pflantzer originally came to me looking for help with their recently launched site at the time NYSeeTours ~ which was a partnerships between Fred + Jerry, a small company doing bus tours out of Times Square, New Your City. I redid theĀ  NYSeeTours site into a WordPress site, and built a targeted SEO campaign based on several satellite WordPress sites, original content creation, both text and tagged images. The keyword space was and continues to be quite competitive, and we has some strong results though the process of a new creating new active content creation campaign, gathering testimonials from happy clients, and using this information to structure more a more effective user interface on the site.

After Fred + Jerry decided to go their separate ways, I continued to work with Jerry on his Receptive Tour Consultants site, redoing to ancient Web 1.0 site into a vibrant paid theme based WordPress site. With the Receptive Tour Consultants site, we have really built out the content of the site, adding additional testimonials and further tweaks of the user interface, as well as creating a polished and professional front end.

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