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Using WordPress is Easy Peazy!

First, this site is a fully hosted WordPres site, and you have full admin access.  It is your site, to do with what you want.  You do not have FTP access, but I can upload whatever you can;t upload through the WordPress dashboard, which covers just about 95% of what you might need.

Should, at a later date, you want to host your site yourself, I can cleave this site into it’s own hosting account though BlueHost.  That will take some time on my part, but it would be by the hour, and I will not kill you, just need to be covered for my time.

In the meantime, you just need to take some time and get into the drivers seat and start playing around with the various tools with the dashboard.  The site is fully backed up, so do not be afraid, I can fix anything that might get broken, I have your back.

Here are some useful hardcore links to get you started:

New To WordPress – Where to Start

WordPress Lessons

Writing Posts

Why Pages?

Using Images

First Steps With WordPress

WordPress Semantics (Language)

If you learn better in a video environment, there are any number of geeks out there who have published videos on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9OhG7Wx1CY

You are currently hosted by BlueHost, fyi 🙂

If you need a better video interface that is more weighted to ease of use, you can get a subscription to Lynda.com, where there are some good learning videos, not just with WordPress, for $35 a month: