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Eric Wilska approached me on the recommendation of Rick Kowarek to help them come up with a new online marketing solution for the book store, The BookLoft.  The Bookloft is a small independent bookstore based in Great Barrington Mass which has a very solid local following. The old site had an awkward user interface, an eCommerce solution that was unreliable, and a navigation system that was difficult to use.  There were losing orders and followers online due to these issues, and the complaint from people loyal to the store wanting to order from The Bookloft instead of Amazon were voicing frustration bot through email as well as abandoning the notion of ordering through The Bookloft online store.

They wanted to come up with a plan for increasing conversion and facilitating an online dialogue with their customer base.

In doing further research, I discovered that the hosting platform they used (American Booksellers Association) was about to migrate to Drupal.   Rather that start from scratch, an onerous and expensive task, due to the huge database required, I suggested that we stay with the ABA, and expedite the migration to Drupal.  I worked very closely with Ricky Leung of the ABA to make this migration happen,  which was competed over several months.

In addition to this task, I built out 6 new WordPress sites, each subject specific, to create a larger web presence.  The Bookloft has made several of those active in regards to posting new content on a regular basis.

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