Grynn and Barrett

Grynn and Barrett is a photography company that specializes in school and seniors photography based in Holyoke Massachusetts.  I worked extensively with Grynn and Barrett helping generate new traffic and sales to their company. Eugenie Sills and I worked closely together on this project, as Eugenie did the social marketing component, most notably with FaceBook and twitter.

The job with Grynn and Barrett started as a strict SEO proposal, but as events unfolded the task entailed image server site migration, FaceBook Ads, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, custom micro-sites and  campaign specific landing pages.

The highlight of the entire project was the great results that were achieved with the demographic targeting of the Facebook Ads, which we were able to reach a geo-specific target of high school age kids within a 1 hour radius of the main Grynn and Barrett facility.


  • Keyword Research ~ Seniors ~ Seniors Photography ~ School Photography
  • Online Market-Space Competitive Analysis – highly Geo-location focused (2 hour radius of Holyoke, Mass)
  • Assessment of Website Traffic and Image bandwidth to business server back-end (one full terabyte of image file data)
  • Extensive consulting with the client’s IT staff on migration of ISP and hosting options in site migration
  • Decision to go with HostGator VPS custom hosting
  • Migration of website and image file data to new site – post migration trouble-shooting
  • Creation of multiple WordPress sites to achieve targeted traffic for various business needs
  • Installation of Google Analytics across sites – as well as targeted landing pages
  • Creation of Google Adwords account – creation of campaigns and groups on the basis of initial Keyword research – broadening of KW research
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