Kit Latham offers a variety of packages to give an idea of the overall cost of engagement.  These are to give a general outline of deliverables, as no situation is the same, and client needs vary.  Kit Latham will do an initial needs assessment after talking personally with the client and getting a basic outline of the project, and will submit a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) for review.

Engagement requires a 50% deposit to begin any projects after the SOW has been agreed upon and signed off by the client.  Please call or email Kit Latham to discuss your project and get an idea of costs and fees.   Since Kit does boutique agency work and his time is finite, prices may vary according to time availability.

BlueHost is my preferred hosting package with a dedicated IP address. I also like DreamHost, HostGator, Laughing Squid, and RackSpace.  I can work with most existing hosting and shared hosting companies, as long the account is LAMP based.

Kit does a give back program to help non-profits and causes that need websites and help with online marketing.  Please use this contact form to get in touch in order to submit your organization for consideration.