Targeted 10S

Targeted 10S: To redo a website (website salvage) that presented a challenge to find a way to migrate a group of old skool videos into a WordPress site under a tight time constriction. The design of the site was simple to facilitate a migration to more modern user interface and  showcase the videos, the key content of the client, in a more standardized format. (flash)


  • Hosted a the new site through a new account with BlueHost,
  • Creation of a root Google account
  • Installed Google Analytics
  • Submitted site maps to the search engines
  • Created a Pro Vimeo account
  • Found the original video files and uploaded to Vimeo
  • Tagged the Vimeo videos to get found through tagging search
  • Embedded Vimeo codes into WordPress site
  • Migrated entire organization’s emails to new BlueHost account
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